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                     According to a Nielsen report, Android enjoys 51% market share. If you wish to grab this share, it is vital to keep pace with technological developments. Technical knowledge and interest are pivotal in developing the amazing Android Apps.

With its techno-freak Android apps developers and analysts, iOrange offers a bunch of advanced Android application development solutions. Our team focuses on delivering value through its solution driven approach followed by prototypes of the android apps that engage customers in realizing their future app.

With the use of professional Android Software Development Kit, our experienced team develops user-friendly Android applications by analyzing the concepts behind the Android operating system, and using designated tools for the development for rapid delivery. iOrange is responsible for the overall development of your product.

Our services majorly include developing Loyalty Program Apps, B2B apps, B2C apps, Financial planning apps, Investing apps etc.

With the increasing demand of smart phones in the market, the need for the innovative and interesting android application ideas has been on the rise. iOrange’s Android Application Development team has been successfully meeting this ever increasing demand for business apps and has helped add greater value to its customers by delivering the android apps on time and within budgets.

Looking to develop your next Android app, request a quote today!