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             In social media networking sites, Facebook is dominating media like Google is dominating in search engines. When you design your Facebook page to build a social presence for building your brand image or promoting your business, it is essential that your facebook fan page or facebook should be attractive and appealing. As a part of social media optimization, we design custom page for your facebook account with photos including videos, different fonts & colors, creating background design etc. You may have a facebook profile but do you have a facebook page for your business? One of the most effective way to use facebook for your business is to design an attractive facebook page for your business associates, clients, partners etc. Now, if you already have Facebook profile and want to know that what is the need of a Facebook Fan Page? How can it be useful to your business? The answer is very simple. The customized facebook fan page is indexed by the search engines and viewable by the public. This will help in increasing SEO value for your facebook page and its higher ranking in search engines. So, your personalized facebook page will get listed in Google when your company's name or services are searched.  You can have only one Facebook profile but Facebook allows creating several Facebook pages with unlimited number of fans. We can create different Facebook pages for your different services with URL of your choice. This can definitely benefit your search engine ranking results and also you get different facebook presence for each of your services. We can get your personalized Facebook fan page up today and start promoting and you'll be wondering why didn't you opt for it before!

Facebook Fan Page Design with iFrame

Having a Facebook Fan Page designed for your business is just not enough with the changing trends of social media websites. Your Facebook Fan Page should be designed in a right way using latest technologies using its business interest and maintaining quality and standard. Development team at iOrange Innovation constantly keeps a watch on the changing trends of Facebook and so our Facebook Fan Page designers are able to design attractive and professional Facebook fan page using latest introduction i.e. iFrame. Designing Facebook fan page using iFrame is having many advantages like you can use your own programming skills instead of static FBML application which has limitations of its own. As you are calling an existing page uploaded on your website to the Facebook Fan Page using iFrame, you can do as many changes you wish to do on your website without logging on to the Facebook. Due to this advantage, a layer of security is added to your Facebook Fan Page and anybody logging in to your Facebook account cannot change your Facebook fan page. Our team of Facebook Page developers can create static and dynamic application on Facebook by using standard designing and development tools on a custom design Facebook Page via iFrame. iOrange Innovation can design your custom Facebook Fan Page which is more interactive, so that it gets ultimate attention of the users.