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iOrange Innovation Advantages

      AT iOrange innovation our focus is to make your most complex, mission-critical projects simple and easy to handle. We integrate information technology resources to optimize your business and deliver results.

What our customers say

“The iOrange Innovation Team is completely focused on satisfying the needs of the customer and we have been very fortunate to work with them.”

Brent Stanley, Staffpointe LLC

Quality, Security, Reliability
Our Quality Management System to optimize our processes and offer you a consistent level of quality. Our goal is to offer you improved efficiency, performance and profitability through our solutions and consultancy services.

Understanding Global Cultural Preferences

iOrange offers a collaborative business experience, by delivering best-fit customized solutions and support to our clients. We understand cultural preferences and are able to overlap hours to communicate effectively keeping in mind your time zone.

Hand-holding Post Implementation

We understand that your organization has unique needs, and can help you align IT and business strategies to reflect improved efficiency and effectiveness by hand holding your team even after implementation.

Turn-around time within 24 hours

iOrange has developed an online client management platform to help you monitor your projects and interact with the development team in real time. This minimizes any gap in communication and speeds up feedback, approvals and delivery.

Protection of Intellectual Property

We understand your need for confidentiality and follow strict internal compliance measures to protect our clients’ intellectual property rights.