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Quality - Our Backbone

                            At iOrange we work proactively by aligning Quality practices with your business objectives and helping your business adapt to market challenges intuitively.


                            Even as we constantly strive to meet your vision, our QA and Development teams add value to extend and enhance this vision by verifying and validating the quality of iOrange Innovation software deliverables at every stage. Our main focus is an exceptional level of service, coupled with cost-effective solutions delivered on time. We achieve this by improving productivity through quality process management, ensuring a consistent level of quality along with minimization of project effort and schedule overruns.

                            The iOrange Innovation Quality Assurance System based on ISO 9001:2000 standards ensures the best technology, infrastructure, security and protection of intellectual property rights. Regular internal as well as external audits are conducted with the aim of constant improvement in our people, processes and technology, at every level.

                            Software testing has never been more challenging. Applications are more complex and cycle times are shorter, resulting in missed deadlines or compromises in features or quality. The impact? Lost revenues and increased costs.

And despite extensive investment in software test automation, only a fraction of application portfolios enjoy automated test coverage because of limitations imposed by lengthy test development and costly maintenance overhead.

Worksoft's innovative software testing solutions and unique Progression Testing approach enable you to bring higher quality applications to market faster and cheaper, creating a competitive advantage for your company. You can manage both manual and automated testing in a single repository.

Reduce your automated software testing costs by 60% or more through Worksoft Certify's advanced test framework. Our radical design empowers your business and quality analysts to document and execute their tests using an intuitive point and click interface, creating reliable and maintainable tests without writing a line of code.

This structured, self-documenting approach automatically produces an audit trail that supports the requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA and other regulatory compliance. Our database repository allows both the process and the results to be tracked, managed and reported in a consistent and verifiable format.

And because Worksoft Certify does not employ the traditional record/playback approach to software testing, it allows tests to be defined before the software is complete, which enables agile testing and reveals defects earlier in the life cycle when they are far cheaper to fix. Its analyst-friendly interface also empowers subject matter experts to automate acceptance testing, further accelerating the release cycle.

As the application transitions into the production and maintenance phase, Certify's automated impact analysis and maintenance capability enables comprehensive, cumulative regression testing that keeps pace with changes and enhancements.

Securing sufficient test data for software testing is getting more complex given the heightened privacy and security concerns. Worksoft has developed a unique method for locating or generating test data to feed the automated functional tests, ensuring test data is available when you need it and that the data is scrambled to avoid any privacy or security issues.

If you are ready to spend more time testing and less time developing and maintaining code and data, let Worksoft show you how.