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iOrange’s Web Applications Development service enables you to build custom applications for diverse needs, such as Web Development, Business Automation, Performance Optimization, Transportation and Logistics, Social Media and Online Web Business, stores or eCommerce.

iOrange provides Web Applications Development solutions that are of the highest quality in performance and scalability. Our web application development team follows a process driven approach in creating solutions that are of the highest quality.

                                                         Web Application Portfolio

Why iOrange?

  • Exceptional domain knowledge backed by robust technical prowess
  • Ability to architect scalable web applications that add value to your business
  • Excellent UI prototyping enabling you to get a visual feel of end product / solution.
  • iOrange Project Management Tool helps you effectively communicate with our team, view project updates and correct defects in real time.

Our Web Application Developers specialize in creating Mortgage CRM Applications, School ERP Systems, Auction Websites, Enterprise Portals, Advanced online stores / eCommerce websites, Sales Force and Workflow Automation Applications, Point of Sales (POS) Applications and B2B Website platforms.

iOrange’s Web Application Developers offer versatility with PHP Web Application Development, ASP.Net Application Development, MySQL, Ajax, Adobe Flash / Flex, Java and J2ME Development.

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